Limits of artistry in archaeological recording – finds photography

We have already talked about how important recording in general is ( and what difference it makes when the records are proper (‘). Today we will discuss another significant topic related to finds recording and it is… (snare drums) the ARTISTRY. While the archaeological illustration often falls victim to the tendency of oversimplifying (we willContinue reading “Limits of artistry in archaeological recording – finds photography”

Why ‘bad’ records are better than no records?

Is it obvious to you? Or rather sounds a bit controversial? It does a bit to me, I admit. In my previous post ( I was trying to convince all the Readers that attaching significance to aesthetically pleasant and accurate visual records of artefacts and field documentation is important. I am not going to changeContinue reading “Why ‘bad’ records are better than no records?”

Are ‘pretty’ archaeological records really that important?

‘Aaaaah, so you’re digging holes and taking all the old stuff out, right??’ This is one of the most common comments we archaeologists hear after revealing our profession in discussions. Depending on our level of propriety and respect to the interlocutor, we either roll our eyes or not and, in a tone of condescension orContinue reading “Are ‘pretty’ archaeological records really that important?”